Join ANROE today!

Join ANROE today!

  200 W. 34th. Street, Suite 1007
Anchorage, Alaska USA 99503

To promote & implement excellence in natural resource, outdoor and environmental education for all Alaskans.

ANROE collaborates with organizations, agencies, & school districts to provide education resources, training, & networking opportunities about Alaska natural resources. Through its newsletter, mailing list & forums, ANROE members share information about environmental education tools, techniques, employment & professional development opportunities. ANROE is funded by memberships & sponsors. .

Environmental education integrates an understanding of scientific concepts and societal needs and is designed to develop students that are environmentally literate. An environmentally literate person understands the implications of his/her actions, and has the skills to critically think about and make responsible choices. These skills are transferable to every facet of  life.

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ABOUT ANROE:   The Alaska Natural Resource and Outdoor Education Association is a statewide group of school teachers, naturalists, state and federal agency staff, and others who help young and old alike learn about and appreciate Alaska’s natural resources.

Alaska presents special challenges to educators. They must find ways to adapt to vast distances, high costs, cultural diversity, and other factors unique to this magnificent state. As Alaska’s population grows, the state needs strong commitment and collaboration from educators to ensure children and adults are prepared to make wise resource use decisions. ANROE members are committed to helping fellow educators meet these important challenges.

Environmental Education Giving Week – April 16th until Earth Day, Tuesday, April 22nd

Give what you can to ensure Alaska’s children learning experiences in natural resource, outdoor and environmental education. Visit http://www.razoo.com/story/Anroe to learn more about this effort and to donate. Your contribution will help train educators to prepare Alaska’s children to manage and develop Alaska’s natural resources wisely for today and future generations.  The Alaska Natural Resource and Outdoor Education Association is the Alaska affiliate of the North American Association for Environmental Education.


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